Woman divorced after 44 years of marriage gets stunning makeover – knocking decades off her age

Divorce is simply a fact of life in modern society. This is a statistic for anyone who is considering taking that walk down the aisle. When Vicki got divorced recently, she knew that she would need to make some changes if she was going to make it through the experience with flying colors.

Following 44 years of marriage, she and her husband decided to split, leaving her with years of baggage and a seemingly inescapable rather unkept look.

However all that would change as she decided it was time for her to turn a leaf and begin a new chapter.

About a month after the paperwork was finalised, an emotional Vicki decided she needed an uplifting change in her life, so she visited Christopher Hopkins, also known as The Makeover Guy. She trusted that Christopher’s great skills would give her just the physical change to feel fabulous again.

She starts by telling her story, breaking down into tears midway, but Christopher reassures her that crying is a positive release of energy.

After 44 years of marriage, a divorce is never going to be easy. There are, however, a number of things many people do after a relationship – marriage or otherwise – to help with the period of adjustment.

Perhaps going on a holiday, moving house or going travelling for some much-needed soul searching, focussing on yourself is often seen as the way forward. So what better way started other than to get a makeover?

Christopher knew he would be able to make Vicki beautiful — the big-spirited woman was certainly full of life so she just needed to make sure her physique also reflected that.

By the time Christopher was finished, she did not look like the same woman anymore. She came to him in tears, needing help. Before long, he had waved his magic wand and brought her back to the woman that she always knew she could be. Instead of being sad and worried, she became a confident goddess once again. The power of feeling good about oneself is tough to ignore.

Many people were quick to praise Christopher and the makeover team for their transformation of Vicki.

We are glad to see that Vicki is so happy again and we are sure that she is going to turn more than a few heads when she steps out. Please share her story with all of the divorcees that you know!

Take a look at her transformation for yourself, in the video below.

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