Wolves begin to close in on exhausted man who collapses in the woods, doesn’t expect this when he wakes up.

In today’s society remember how important it is for strangers to display their kindness.

This important point often comes to us as a reminder when we least expect it. Perhaps you might witness a generous act in public, or read something that makes you pause for thought.

However this commercial called “It’s In Our Nature” created by Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts reinforces the idea about how its in everyone’s best interests to look out for one another …

A man is seen struggling through a frozen forest in this 90 second clip. Looking exhausted and desperate for help it’s clear that he can’t go on much longer.

On top of that wolves on his tail, lurking within the darkness of the trees almost waiting for him to give up.

As nightfall draws closer the man is unable to light a fire to warm himself, and eventually he collapses in the snow.

Soon the wolves locate the man and coordinate a plan of approach.

The situation looks bleak for this lonely wanderer as the wind howls, the snow falling in droves, and a pack of wild wolves are pursuing a hunt.

However, once he wakes an entirely unexpected gesture of kindness that defies instinct.

Take a look at the exhilarating video below to see exactly what we mean:

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