Wife leaves instructions for the repairman but he fails to listen

Most handyman find their jobs interesting as they never know what to expect from one day to the next and often, they may even be in for a surprise or two.

Any repairman will tell you, it’s the fact that they need to listen to what is explained to them when it concerns instructions.

If you don’t listen to the instructions, you could find yourself in some trouble like the repairman in this story who found himself in a terrible situation.

Laura’s dishwasher stopped working so she called a repairman. She had to go to work the following day, so she told the repairman, “I’ll leave the key under the mat. Fix the dishwasher, leave the bill on the counter, and I’ll mail you a check.

“Oh, by the way, don’t worry about my bulldog, Bob. He won’t bother you. But, whatever you do, do NOT, under ANY circumstances, talk to my parrot! I repeat, do not talk to my parrot!”

When the repairman arrived at Laura’s apartment the following day, he discovered the biggest, meanest looking bulldog he has ever seen. But, just as she had said, the dog just lay there on the carpet watching the repairman go about his work.

The parrot, however, drove him nuts the whole time with his incessant yelling, cursing, and name-calling.

Finally, the repairman couldn’t contain himself any longer and yelled, “Shut up you stupid, ugly bird!”

To which the parrot replied, “Get him, Bob!”

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