It’s not hard to see why dogs are known around the world as, “man’s best friend.” They are kind, attentive and always excited to see us. Dogs are loyal, loving and there for you whenever you need them, no questions asked – which means they make great companions for people in need of some a little help.

In the following video, young Hernan is pictured sitting outside of his house. The boy has Down Syndrome, but he also has a dog named Himalaya sitting right in front of him. While Hernan simply wants to relax, Himalaya wants to have some fun – and it’s only a matter of time before this cute little boy joins in too.

At first Hernan doesn’t seem like he wants to play with Himalaya at all. He is content to relax outside, enjoying the breeze and the nice weather. But dogs are playful and love to have fun so that just wasn’t enough for the adorable golden retriever.

Soon Hernan warms up to the dog, petting him and giving him hugs, just playing around as dog-lovers tend to do. Sometimes friends come from the most unlikely of places and it seems like a friendship is budding between these two young comrades, learning together about the world.

Hernan’s mother must have been tearing up behind the camera while capturing this heartwarming moment, but she managed to catch it all for us to see. You won’t find a better video than this to cheer you up on a bad day!

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