Truck Driver Calls 911 After Watching 2 Beagles Get Thrown Out Of A Moving Car On The Highway

Two beagles that were cruelly thrown out of a moving vehicle on the highway are finally reunited.

Trooper and Adam are a cute, cheerful pair of beagles. It’s difficult to imagine how anyone could throw these two innocent dogs out of a moving car. Apparently that’s exactly what occurred as a truck driver witnessed the whole ordeal happen on Interstate 81 in New York.

The beagles went to the Broome County Humane Society, where veterinarians worked to rehabilitate them separately. Trooper’s injuries were so bad that he lost one of his legs.

However the pups’ story doesn’t end here. They’re finally back together again, and they’re going to a new, loving home.

Over 100 applicants inquired about adopting Trooper and Adam from the humane society. Connie and Roger Miller were the chosen couple. They said they knew they’d take the dogs home “as soon as they walked into the room.”

Adam is just full of life,” Roger said. “He loves to play, run, fetch, catch. And Trooper is just kind of the laid-back kind of dog, but he loves his partner.”

The folks at the humane society are sad to see Trooper and Adam go. Their energetic, resilient personalities are truly something special.

“It’s really a bittersweet day,” employee Todd Hubik said. “But it’s nice to see them go home to such an amazing family.”

Take a look at the video to see these dogs go from injured and scared to happy and healthy!

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