The liver plays about 500 different functions, including neutralizing toxins, fighting infections and manufacturing proteins and hormones.

It even has an ability to regenerate after injury. It is the only organ in the human body, which can do so.

The liver  is one of the most important organs in the body, against which, processed foods, fats, drugs overuse, and environmental pollutant, can cause various liver problems. Its capacity to detoxify itself and cleanse the body is essential for optimal health. Without it, you are vulnerable to toxic overload and chronic disease.

The best way to keep your liver is to simply feed it the right things. This juice is the perfect solution to start that process.

Liver-boosting juice recipe


– 25 grams of celery

– 125 grams of fresh red cabbage

– One inch piece of ginger

– One lemon

– 10 grams of mint

– 250 grams of fresh pears

– 2 cups of water


Chop the cabbage, pears, celery, and ginger into small pieces, put them in a blender and add a cup of water. Then blend everything well in order to get a homogeneous mixture. Add the lemon juice, the remaining water, the mint, and blend once more. The remedy is ready for consumption.

Drink this beverage twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.


What each ingredient does?

Celery. Animal studies suggest that celery seed extracts may help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as protect the liver from damaging substances like Tylenol (Acetaminophen).

Also, it has diuretic properties, which helps remove toxins from the body.

Cabbage. The active compounds found in cabbage (glucoraphanin) fixes the imbalances in lipids, liver enzymes, and renal osmolytes caused by a cholesterol-rich diet.

Also, it prevents inflammation and cell death within the liver to speed healing of liver injury

Ginger. Ginger has positive effects on biomarkers of liver injury in patients suffering from Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

Also, it treated fat deposits in the liver to reverse the underlying cause of the condition.

Lemon. Lemon and lemon peel are rich in naringenin, hesperidin, and eriocitrin, which protect the liver against inflammation and oxidative stress. Also, hesperidin reduces cholesterol levels in the liver and blood.

Pear. Pears are rich in pectin, which can regress gallstones by up to 52 percent when compared to a placebo.

The gallbladder, where gallstones occur, stores bile produced by the liver. When it is filled with stones, the liver can experience a backup of bile, which causes injury and stress.

Mint. People suffering from cirrhosis (liver scarring) typically have a problem with bruising or bleeding caused by enlarged veins.

The high levels of vitamin K, which mint contains can help manage these symptoms.

Also, peppermint lowers the effect of immobilization stress on liver enzymes.


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