Marco del Pino is a 14 year old from Córdoba, Argentina. But he is not a regular kid. He doesn’t spend his free time playing video games or watching TV non-stop, Marco has a very different hobby: He saves lives.

It all started when Marco and his brother Franco were mowing the lawn of a nearby house. They stumbled upon a box and heard sounds coming from it. When they opened it, they couldn’t believe their eyes: 3 puppies looking at them with tender eyes. The little dogs had been abandoned.

Mascotas Facilísimo

This is how the story of Marco’s rescue work began. He took them to his older brother’s house, where the puppies were bathed and fed. But best of all, Marco managed to find each pup a home among family friends.

Since this moving experience, Marco has taken it upon himself to save as many animals as possible. “Recently, we found a box containing 5 puppies just 45 days old, and then another puppy just 20 days old.”  Thanks to his brother and sister-in-law’s Facebook page, Marco once again found a home for his new friends. “It is great when we leave them at friends’ houses because we can come back to seem them,” said Marco. His dream is now to one day open his own animal shelter.“I feel powerless when I hear some animal is going to be put to sleep and I can’t do anything about it.”

Mascotas Facilísimo

Marco’s actions were posted online and received quite a large response. Marco’s father, Adrian, was not surprised by his son’s gesture, but he still got emotional when he saw someone had called his son an angel. The proud dad decided to give the boy a surprise gift, he took Marco to see a famous motorbike race. Marco is lucky to have such a supportive family, they all join in to help the dogs that Marco finds. 

Mascotas Facilísimo

This kid not only gives a new life to the animals he finds, but he is also a humble servant. He doesn’t really understand the huge response to his actions, to him it’s just natural. His beautiful story shows us how love can make a big difference. If you think this child deserves recognition and people should stop abandoning poor little dogs, share this story with your loved ones. 

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