Driving is one of the most dangerous modes of transportation in the country, not mainly due to the nature of driving but to how many other people are driving around you, and the different types and sizes of vehicles.

Trucks cause a lot of accidents due to how large and cumbersome they are, along with their massive weight.

Recently, a car crash involving a large truck carrying a shipping container and a small civilian vehicle shocked thousands, not because of the death toll, but because of how many survived.


On a seemingly normal day in China, a typical sized civilian vehicle was driving behind a large truck carrying a shipping container.

The truck swerved to avoid hitting another car, but in the process dropped its container right on top of the car behind it!

The car was flattened like a pancake:

There was a little under 70 cm of space inside the cabin of that car after it got flattened, an almost impossible space to survive inside of.

Rescue crews thought they would be cleaning wreckage and salvaging bodies, but instead they heard a cry for help from the vehicle!

Crews immediately sprang into action, and started to disassemble the wreckage to save those trapped inside.


The also saw the woman driving the car give a thumbs up, meaning she was okay.

The woman was uncovered from the wreckage with little to no injuries, just scrapes and bruises, and her male companion had only slightly more serious injuries.

A 100 ton crane had to be brought in to remove the shipping container from on top of the car.

The woman was rescued through the back window of the car.

Nobody could have predicted two people surviving this accident!

It is truly amazing the state of affairs, and the outcome that resulted.  Have you ever been in a car accident that you struck lucky with?  Let us know in the comments below.

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