Teen Refuses To Talk To Mom Because She Sold Fallen Marine Dad’s Beloved Car, Or So He Thinks

Marine Sgt. Nick Walsh was obsessed about his 1991 Ford Bronco that he vowed to pass it down to his own son as an heirloom one day. However those dreams were seemingly shattered.

In 2007, at the tender age of 26 Sgt. Walsh was on deployment in Iraq his life was taken by a sniper fire, Triston, his son was sadly only 4 years old at the time.

Despite Triston’s mom trying to honor her husbands wishes she did her best to look after the car. Over the years it began to deteriorate and Julie decided to explain the situation on Facebook to seek advice. To determine if she should keep the car for sentimental reasons despite its totally unusable condition?

As word spread local businesses, mechanics, and dealerships offered to help restore the Bronco at no cost.

Hoping to surprise her son who was nearing his 16th birthday, she told him she sold the Bronco. She explained she planned to use the money to buy him a different car instead.

Naturally her son was upset as he desperately wanted to drive his dad’s car! Triston felt the car would bring him closer to his hero dad – he simply couldn’t understand why his mother could dispense with it. As a result he didn’t speak to her for two whole weeks.

That would soon change of course as Julie had a trick up her sleeve, and arranged to have the moment she presented it to Triston filmed.

In this clip, watch as Triston’s mom brings him to the car dealership and gives him this unexpected surprise:

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