Teen boys find crash site where pregnant mom died, hear cries from debris and know her child is alive

When two Illinois teens were heading home one summer they came across a horrifying car crash. Nothing could have prepared these boys for such an event.

Collin Barry, 17, and Hunter Hasenjaeger, 16, from Minooka, a suburb of Chicago their lives were shattered in 2017. One Friday in July as they drove home along a poorly lit rural road they made their way down Ridge Road.

Just off the roadway in a distance the boys spotted smoke rising from a car. The teens stopped after noticing the front of the Chrysler 300 damaged on the driver’s side.

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These two young men realised a pregnant woman was in the driver’s seat, she was lifeless. As they approached the car all they could hear was the sound of a baby crying at the top of her lungs.

27-year-old mother, Alexis Danley, was six months pregnant when she passed away that day. Alexis’ hand was reaching back to grab the baby seat, where her one-year-old daughter was sitting, completely terrified.

The teens attempted to get the child out of the car while they waited for the police to arrive.

Hunter has visited the victim’s family and brought food and a stuffed animal for the girl since the incident. He explained, “I didn’t even know her name but I felt a connection, I think I did what any person should have done. That’s just how I was raised.”

He also added, “Her mom is really upset. They just thanked me from the bottom of their heart and said that I’m a hero. But I just don’t think that I’m a hero—I just did what anyone should have done.

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It would later transpire that the man who struck Alexis taking her life would later be arrested for driving under the influence. She will now grow up without a mother because of the foolish actions of a drunk driver.

Take a look at these brave boys recall their actions on this fateful evening in the video below:

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