When you see animals on TV, they can’t be expected to get along together all the time. Saying that there are some exceptions however where many cats and dogs appear to get on together.

With have serious respect for these two buddies in this video, as they appear to get along very well. Taking into consideration they do let each other know when one has gone too far. Well, at least the cat does…

The owner of these two cuties spotted how their dog sleeping while their cat was resting close by as the camera was turned on.

The cat has no thought of what is about to occur as she relaxes on the bed.

Then all of a sudden, the microphone catches an unusual sound that is recognizable but unexpected. Instantly, the cat acknowledges what occurred.

Judging by this video, the dog was totally oblivious in regards to the huge fart let out! You can see how delighted he is as it occurs during its wonderful snooze time. The cat doesn’t share the same expression

As the cat is dazed she glances around and looking at the dog.

This feisty feline doesn’t just give the dog a “stink eye“… Have a look at the video and see what the cat does next. It’s not hard to see why it’s racked up in excess of 1 million views!

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