While most people eventually discover something they are quite good at, some people manage to discover their true passions and skills match up in perfect harmory. These people usually find themselves as stars in the sporting arena or on the top of the Billboard Top 100. They may end up saving lives as a member of our nation’s military, or as a fireman in your local town.

The two dancers featured in the following clip clearly found their talents early in life, and were lucky enough to also find a partner to match. Known only as Duo Wind, this male-female acrobat team is sultry, strong and more impressive than any dance team you’ve seen. Just wait until you see what amazing feats these two incredible dancers are capable of!

Duo Wind is performing along to the soft, emotional soundtrack of “Just A Phase” by Incubus. The echoing music adds such a depth tot he routine, taking the performance from simply impressive to borderline legendary.

Full of more twists, flips, spins, twirls and leaps than you could imagine, this routine looks almost effortless. The well-practiced duo have clearly worked together for years, building up their chemistry and trust to this point of near-perfection. The strength and poise needed to pull of these moves must have taken hours of rehearsing to develop.

Some clips you just can’t look away from, and I would be surprised if you manage to not watch this entire thing! Please let us know what you think and don’t forget to share on Facebook!

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