Riding Sidesaddle Brings its own Fashion Appeal

What happens when two horse-lovers fall in love with each other and decide to commit to a lifetime together? Quite often it means a wedding on horseback. Theme weddings are very popular, and taking on a different look from the traditional wedding ceremonies and receptions of the past. While a horse themed wedding may be easy to organize and decorate for, it takes some extra planning when the horses themselves attend or become part of the ceremonies.

No matter how well planned your wedding is, it can still be a stressful time. Adding a horse or several into the mixture has the potential to add to the stress. If you’re unsure of how your horse will react to a throng of guests, decorations that could flutter and flap or clapping and music, it might be better to have them there as a guest, rather than a member of the wedding party. The horse could observe over a nearby fence, or someone could hold the horse at a safe distance.

If You Ride

It might be a romantic idea for the bride to ride side-saddle.    Please observe the sidesaddle fashion below which includes Queen Elizabeth.



Sid22 Side (1) Side 2 Side 3 Side5 Side6 Side7 Side8 Side9 Side10 Side11 Side12 Side13

Angelina Jolie riding side-saddle in Tomb Raider

Angelina Jolie riding side-saddle in Tomb Raider

Side15 Side17 Side18 Side19 Side20 Side21 Side22

The video below shows a different way of using sidesaddle

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