Parents Left Devastated After Their Toddler Remains Trapped In 360ft Borehole For 10 Days

On Sunday, January 13, in Totalan, Spain, a two-year-old boy fell into a borehole which was 360 feet deep.

While out having a picnic with his family young Julen Rosello wandered off. apparently the fall was the equivalent of 30 stories when he slipped and fell.

Following this event a rescue operation was launched, however since the borehole was extremely narrow, it made it impossible for an adult to crawl through its walls …

Rescue teams worked tirelessly to make contact with the boy, they even attempted to lower a robot but they could only get down 229 feet before the the walls impeded its path.

The boys parents are extremely distraught, especially since they lost another child last year to a medical condition. They now face a heartbreaking wait until they are reunited with their baby.

There has been nothing but silence from the borehole, since Julen first fell down. However neither the family nor the rescue teams have given up hope. Thankfully the robot identified the candy the boy had with him, as well as his presence through DNA which was extracted from hair.

Experts had set Friday as an optimistic deadline for Julen’s rescue who were working on the operation however the difficult terrain slowed down their plan.

Ángel Vida, the lead engineer working on the rescue,told The Guardian “We are incredibly motivated to reach him as soon as possible. We’re not bothered by the hours, the tiredness or the lack of sleep. We are hopeful that we will reach him as soon as possible and bring him back to his parents.

We continue to work intensely, nonstop, and we hope to reach our desired goal very soon.”

it has been a week since the two-year-old became trapped, his father is pleading for people to pray for the family. “My wife is broken. We are dead inside. But we hope we have an angel to get my son out of there,” he said.

The presence of granite has slowed down the efforts to dig down into the prevent progress. The team also have to be careful they don’t drill carelessly and cause the ground supporting the hole Julen is trapped in to collapse.

Officials will continue to work without pause in a bid to find the boy even though no signs of life have been confirmed yet.

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