One doctor’s “awkward” call to write his name on scrub cap is changing safety in hospitals the world over

If you’ve ever been in a surgical theater or required surgery, then you are well aware that each individual member of staff is dressed exactly the same.

The uniformed approach obviously is to protect the strict hygiene protocols rather than make any sort of fashion statement, sometimes it can have it’s own unique pitfalls.

One doctor from Sydney, Rob Hackett, has gained something resembling viral fame for pointing out that not being able to distinguish members of the medical staff can actually be dangerous.

In order to solve the problem Dr. Rob had an idea of his own which involved a small alteration to his surgical cap. Dr. Rob’s method has gained plenty of traction online as it looks a little strange.

On 10 December 2017, Dr. Rob created #TheatreCapChallenge and encourages other medical professionals to join his cause.

Dr Rob realized many doctors ply their trade in hospitals making it difficult for them to be familiar the surgical team by name or profession. Which can also increases the possibility of a mistakes occurring which can threaten the safety of patients.

Initially, some of Dr. Rob’s colleagues teased and mocked him for his new look, but he knows it will be effective in the long run.

If you think about it, it get rather confusing in an operating room when it’s difficult to determine who is who?

It can be a disconcerting thought for whoever is being operated on.

Dr. Rob’s has revealed how he witnessed medical students being mistaken for veteran surgeons who were often requested to do something they weren’t even qualified for.

The majority of staff at Dr. Rob’s hospital have grasped his idea, it certainly won’t be long before his method spreads to other hospitals.

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