Officer Rescues 15-Year-Old Abducted Victim During Routine Traffic Stop

Monsters are often hidden in plain sight, in the United State human trafficking, a growing pandemic which is at a peak. Thankfully, the authorities are constantly working diligently to cease this morally repugnant issue

While making a regular traffic stop on the highway Ohio State Highway Patrolman Mitch Ross ended up rescuing a human trafficking victim. Mitch stopped a driver planning to issue the adult male driver a “failure to move” citation.

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However he happened to notice that a young girl was riding in the car with the man. Neither of them had identification or spoke English.

His gut feeling told him that something wasn’t quite right, so he called a translator from OSHP to investigate. The translator also felt the same.

The 15 year old girl had been reported missing in New Jersey. The 35-year-old man driving the car was taking her to Chicago.

When officers spoke to the girl alone, she informed them that the man had “forced her to perform acts” on him. The girl is now receiving medical care while the driver now faces charges for abduction.

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The teenager received prompt medical attention, and her innocence and safety are no longer in jeopardy. Let’s hope more officers like Mitch Ross can bring an end to human trafficking

Take a look at the video to see the incident unfold:

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