When Her Son Came Back From Daycare She Noticed These Marks On His Feet. But The Cause? SICKENING
Entrusting your loved ones into the hands of another can be difficult, and sometimes can be dangerous too.

One mother from Woodlawn, Ohio, learned this lesson the tragic way when she came to pick up her 5 month old son from daycare and was shocked to find injuries on both his feet.

These weren’t any injuries either, as to mother Taran Phillips they appeared to be wounds; wounds that were inflicted by another person
Ms. Phillips reports that when she picked up her son Joshua, from Tender Care Child Development Center, she found injuries on his feet. One looked like it could have been any type of sore or wound, but the other one appeared to be an inflicted wound.

Ms. Phillips is especially worried over what could have warranted such an action by one of the workers at Tender Care Child Development Center. She reported that in the past there has been conflict between her and a specific worker, which could have propagated such an incident.

Little Joshua was not even able to crawl, so the notion that such injuries could be self-inflicted is false. Joshua was later sent to the doctors, who determined that the injuries were indeed caused by another person or another infant with an object of some sorts.

“I feel like they should have never taken it out on my son. He’s a happy baby for the most part. I just can’t believe it,” said Ms. Phillips.

The Ohio Department of Job & Family Services in October 2014 investigated the daycare back in 2014, and found it was in compliance with almost all of the regulations, except for the child to staff ratio, which is higher than it should be. Lack of supervision could have likely been the cause of such an incident.

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