Man Keeps Itching Leg In One Spot, 3 years Later He Discovers A Stitch And Pulls It Out.

In 2013, a man from Memphis, Tennessee, was involved in an accident that required him to get more than 100 stitches in one leg alone.

Most sutures are taken out after a few days or weeks. According to the Encyclopedia of Surgery, “Nonabsorbable stitches should be removed several days to weeks after their placement, depending on their location. For instance, sutures on the face should be removed in approximately 5 days; sutures on the legs and abdomen, in 7 to 10 days; and sutures on the back, in 10 to 14 days. Strips of adhesive tape may be placed over the wound to help support the tissue while it is healing.”

However, in this scenario, the man’s stitches happened to stay inside his leg for at least 3 years.

His leg was constantly itchy all the time in one particular area. The irritation was so extreme at times that he would break his skin from scratching so hard.

Then one day, he spotted something that looked like a plastic wire coming out of his leg —so he began to pull.

In total, he ended up removing eight stitches altogether. The video inserted below demonstrates him removing one of those stitches, and was since uploaded to YouTube back in 2016 racking up almost 3 million views since then.

Have a look at the whole procedure for yourself, if you can stomach it?

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