There are three different ways of making a fist, and how you make it indicates lots of things about you.

If your fist looks like the one presented in the first photo:

You have strong expression skills and you are clever, but you are a bit shy and that prevents you to fully express your qualities. So, lots of people think that you are uncommunicative and quiet person. You are meticulous and precise, and sometimes you ask too much yourself and that leads to useless stress. You are a smart person, you try not to disrupt your internal harmony. People around you feel very comfortable.

Sometimes you become unbearably disappointed by the thought that you can`t easily build relationships, you can’t adapt to new staff or be the soul of the company. Don’t take that to your heart, as just a little bit more friendliness and flexibility will be enough for people who were afraid to approach you to immediately change the opinion they had for you.

If your fist looks like the one presented on the second photo:

You are communicative person and you can attract different types of people. Your friends love your honesty and humor. You are self-secure and have a highly developed sense of self-esteem. You are great leader at work, and among friends. Still, the fear of failure prevents you to make bold decisions because the failure might hurt your self-esteem.

You often have a need for praiseandencouragement. So what? That’s not so bad. It’s important that you don’t stop believing in yourself, even if you are not praised for how good you are. It’s totally possible to find yourself among people who are jealous of your success.

If you fist looks like the one presented on the third photo:

You want to help people even when it might bring inconvenience to you. You’re constantly looking for new experienceandknowledge, and you are very energetic and in some way impatient. Those like you are fearless adventurers, but at the same time, lots of you will not even think about how often you need assistanceandprotection.

Recognition and acceptance is essential for you, because very often you are faced with people that waste your kindness. However, your strong inner core doesn’t let you take the risk and give up on people. You have to keep on protecting those who waste your generosity, but you only have to be a little more cautious.

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