Injured teen remains in forest for 2 days after car crash, hero dog protects him from coyotes..

Like the saying goes dogs are a man’s best friend, considering how faithful canines are to mankind it is of course a well-deserved title. It seems despite their existence they always happen to find a way to surprise us.

Following a car accident one King Shepherd called Sako is regarded as a true hero after saving the life of a teenager.

According to reports, the incident happened out in the wilderness of Kanaka Bar, British Colombia. Family dog, Sako was out with Joseph Phillips-Garcia and two others while fishing and collecting wild potatoes, which turned out to be a blessing.

Joseph and the others were involved in a car crash on route houme. Unfortunately Joseph and Sako happened to be the only two to survive the crash. However Joseph ended up breaking his leg so bad that you could see the bone was protruding from the skin. Naturally he was hardly able move.

Things weren’t looking great as he was injured and alone in the wilderness, things were bleak. More importantly there was the prospect of wild animals to think about.

Not before long coyotes came sniffing about at the possible hopes an easy meal.

Instead, it was Sako they happened to find find who defended Joseph by fighting them off for almost two days. Keeping his owner warm and shielding him when required and also dragged him to a creek so source a drink of water.

The pair were rescued after 40 long hours whereJoseph was rushed to hospital. Sako, played a vital role in helping to save his life.

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