Hilarious Pics Of Naughty Goats Forced To Wear Pool Noodles Are Priceless

Goats are generally calm and fun-loving companions, if you have a little space for them to roam and plenty of grass to munch on they can be a perfect addition to any family.

Often their playful and competitive nature can get a little over the top, and those pointy horns can do some damage to fellow goats and humans alike.

Take a look at the hilarious images of goats below:

Goth Ms. Frizzle@spookperson

today I learned that goats who won’t stop head butting have to wear pool noodles and it feels like information I should share

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While training while your young goat avoid any aggressive behavior while growing up, pool noodle solution is a cute and funny solution.

How long they actually stay on the horns before they are ripped off and chewed is questionable, but if it protects someone from injury then why not?

Aggressive behavior can be anything from simply stubbornly disobeying and showing no respect to owners, to biting, kicking, and pushing things around with their sharp little horns.

These pool noodles can protect children playing with goats from getting hurt, or perhaps during milking.

People improvise in all kind of ways to protect them from headbutts, from buckets and duct tape to tennis balls stuck on the sharpie bits.

Remember that training is always the best option, even if goats are mischievous.

You’ll have endless fun watching your buddy wandering around with brightly-colored pool noodles fastened tightly on its horns!

Take a look at the goat in the video below trying on her noodle.

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