Hero Lyft Driver Calls Mom At 3 AM, Says ‘Bring A Blanket’ For Baby He Found In Freezing Cold

Lyft driver, Ashton Mazyck, from Worcester, Massachusetts, was just about to finish up his late night shift and head back. It was 3 a.m. in the morning and freezing cold outside.

The toddler was barefoot with no shoes or socks no coat to keep her warm. She was alone and crying as she stood in the ice and salt.

This little girl was visibly upset and borderline hypothermic when Ashton Mazyck found her.

Feeling concerned for the child he called his mom in the middle of the night before calling the police.

The Lyft driver picked her up and swaddled her, then brought her inside and called his mother for help. “Come quickly,” he said. “Bring a blanket; I found a little child.”

Vida Mazyck, his mother,  said: Ashton just couldn’t believe his eyes. He thought, how did this child end up here? “When I first saw her, it was this precious little girl,” he told CBS Local. “She looked at me, tears in her eyes, and I just felt all sorts of emotions. I had to make sure she was safe. I wanted her to feel safe.”

Both Ashton and his mother, Vida, cared for the little girl in their apartment and did everything they could to warm her up. Her feet were encrusted with ice, snow, and salt.

She was taken to the hospital for evaluation. Police believe she wandered outside while her grandmother was sleeping. The child’s mother was apparently working an overnight shift when it occurred.

Things could have turned out a lot different if it wasn’t for this heroic pair.

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