Elephant waits weeks for doggy best friend to return – just watch the moment he sneaks round the corner

According to National Geographical Elephants are one of the world’s most intelligent animals, as their brains are similar to humans. However elephants are just as social as they are smart.

These amazing animals poses the ability to communicate through different types of sounds with each other to warm of potential danger or call on their kids. Similar to humans, they equally display emotion and enjoy friendships.

At The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, sick and elderly female elephants are provided with a safe and expansive environment to live out their days, where surrounding experts help meet their individual needs.

The sanctuary aren’t open to the public and they currently have 10 elephants who get to play with each other.

Each of them have their own friend but for one elephant, called Tara, she has developed a very special friendship – with a dog called Bella. This pair do everything together.

Bella was unable to walk when sh injured her back and as a result she was forced to rest for three weeks in a special treatment center.

After witnessing Bella experience so much suffering Tara was overwhelmed and was reluctant to abandon her friend.

Tara stood outside the treatment center and waited for Bella to come back and play again for three whole weeks, rather than wander about her 1800 acre habitat.

Bella was eventually reunited with the 35 year old elephant who had stood in the same place day after day, week after week.

Take a look at the the incredible clip below to see the moment they reunite.

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