Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” starts to play, only for crowd to lose it when the mood switches

Ice dancing is certainly up there with the most powerful spectacles that tend to leave me breathless, from spectating just to be clear.

More expressive than figure skating, ice dancers use their footwork and body movements to convey expressions and feelings in a way that appeals to even the most frozen of hearts.

A lot of the success or failure lies in the music, which is why Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron set the bar of expectation high when they elected for Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” …

From the first moment, both Gabriella and Guillaume, made their way on to the middle of the skating rink who captivated there audience dressed respectively in a red dress and neutral black suit presented an eye-catching contrast.

The pair glide around the rink with grace as Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect” fills the ears of the crowd while the duo skate in-sync with each other and enjoy every moment of their performance.

When it comes to skating I can just about stand upright on ice skates, so the level of mastery from Gabriella and Guillaume is astonishing to me.

Years of stringent discipline and dedication mean they can deliver a performance that will leave people in wonder.

Take a look at their amazing performance in the video below:

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