Dad sends autistic son into restaurant to get take-out-menu, staff offers stunning treatment

Like most people, Owen Block loves his food, however since he has autism, he needs to know exactly what he’s eating each night. Owen isn’t keen on surprises when it comes to his meal since he is autistic.

Parents of kids with disabilities stress over how others will treat their children. Pat Long rehearsed again and again in his car with his child Owen how to request a takeout menu from a neighbourhood restaurant in New York, Sun Cuisines.

Owen would review the menu from top to bottom which would enable him to feel better about his decision.

After Owen recited how to request a menu with his father in the vehicle, he, at last, felt prepared to head into the restaurant and approached a representative for a menu.

So he said to him, ‘Owen just go and get the takeout menu and come right back,’ and they practiced it in the car.

You’re going to ask — what are you going to ask?’ ‘Take out menu,’ ‘okay good,’” Sandra furthered.

Pat told Owen to return to the vehicle with the menu where they would together pick something for him to order to eat.

Owen headed into the restaurant however he didn’t return immediately. Pat naturally became concerned so he went inside to see what was happening.

Apparently, Owen had approached the co-proprietor of the restaurant, Aye Thein and asked her for a menu, but she did something more significant than his request.

After that he said I’m hungry and when I look at his face, from my heart I said, ‘Oh, he’s a very special boy to me.’ I said, ‘What do you want to eat honey?’ I asked him, and he said, ‘I want to eat beef,’” said Aye Thein, Sun Restaurant Partner and Manager,

Aye brought tears to his mother Sandra’s eyes. She shared Owen’s story online where their story has since turned into a viral sensation.

That is just so uncommonly kind, like how often, can you imagine, I’m going to cry thinking about it,” said an emotional Sandra.

Mom Sandra quickly took to the business’s Facebook page to write about the whole incident. She gave the background story and Sandra said her husband went in to find out what’s going on, and he was so blown away, he took a picture

Apparently, he told the hostess ‘I’m hungry.’ So she sat him down and asked what he wanted to eat, and he answered: ‘beef.’ She told her cooks, ‘hurry, this boy is very hungry,’ and made him a beef curry with rice. She said that he was so sweet she was planning on letting him eat for free,” Owen’s mom Sandra wrote on Facebook.

His mom said how grateful she was for the staff’s kindness adding: “If you end up there, thank them again, from me. For their kindness, and for treating my son like family.”

The motto at Sun Restaurant is: “Ask and you shall receive!

He wasn’t being treated as special because of a disability. Instead, she says she was just practicing “Mettā,” which is part of Buddhism and her Burmese culture. “Mettā means loving and kindness to everybody,” she explained.

See what happened in the video in the eatery that spurred Sandra to make her story known its so heartwarming.

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