Dad Left Fighting for His Life 3 Days After Getting Haircut at Salon

Most people enjoy the relaxing experience as you lay back in a soft padded chair at the beauty parlor as someone washes your hair. It’s part of our grooming routine where we like to treat ourselves. After all who doesn’t enjoy a gentle massage for your scalp. Often people get some shut eye as they doze off during the process.

However this is not what transpired for one unfortunate father who got way more than he bargained for. It wasn’t until almost three days later he realized that there was any problem after his visit to the salon.

Dave Tyler, 45, suffered a massive stroke caused by a blood clot when his head was bent backwards over a basin to… he was in for the shock of his life as he was rushed to the hospital, after right side went numb just before he collapsed.

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Dave Tyler, 45, suffered a massive stroke caused by a blood clot when his head was bent backwards over a basin to… 

Dad-of-two nearly dies from haircut after deadly shampoo and rinse

Dave Tyler, 45, suffered a massive stroke caused by a blood clot when his head was bent backwards over a basin to wash his hair at a branch of the Headmasters chain in Brighton

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Tyler had suffered a stroke caused by a blood clot, how he got the blood clot was the surprising part. It seems the problem occurred while getting his hair washed at the salon when he tilted his head too far where the angle of his head injured his neck, causing the clot to form.

He began began to suffer from headaches and collapsed during a business meeting 48 hours after visiting the salon. He recalled feeling the side of his body “go numb”.

My eyes went ping and started rolling. This made me nauseous so I was sick,” he said. “I took a swig of water without knowing I’d lost the ability to swallow. The water wasn’t going anywhere and I couldn’t breathe. And because I wasn’t able to swallow, I ingested some of the vomit into my lungs and developed pneumonia.”

Although it may seem like an isolated incident, but “Beauty Salon Stroke Syndrome,” it was in fact first recognised in 1993. In 2017 another woman in Great Britain also suffered the same fate.

While a person is getting their hair washed the angle of a person’s head can restrict a person’s blood flow, leading to a stroke. The correct angle should be no more than 15 degrees.

The elderly are more susceptible to suffer from arthritis of the neck, or already experience weak blood flow to the brain. So if any of those descriptors apply to you, make sure your head and neck are properly supported the next time you get your hair done.

Tyler won a law suit against the well-known salon for $113,000 but still suffers today with his sense of balance. As a result he is no longer able to safely drive a car, even six years after the incident occurred.

Tyler now aims to advise people about his ordeal by recommending that all salons place a towel under a patron’s neck while washing their hair or provide comfortable pillows to sit on.

As many salons are unaware Tyler is an advocate for educating hairdressers about this syndrome. He also suggests that patrons are fully aware of their position while seated in the chair with their head back. If they experience any discomfort, they should inform the hairdresser straight away.

Take a look at the video below for more details on Beauty Salon Stroke Syndrome:

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