Candy Hearts Won’t Be Available This Valentine’s Day For The First Time In 153 Years

Since 1866 Sweethearts conversation hearts will not be available for Valentine’s Day for the first time ever.

Valentine’s Day has been marked by these candies for almost 153 years. They may not have a desirable taste, but its all about the message. Stamped with words like “Miss You” and “Call Me,” which are idea to place in a card or gift.

The company have never missed a year since the candy hearts were originally invented by Necco in 1866 as they continued to sell them year after year.

However Necco shut down for good last year and were take over by Spangler Candy Company. Seemingly they didn’t have enough time to produce the billions of candy hearts which are generally sold during Valentine’s Day season.

Valentine’s Day might just as well be cancelled now, unless of course you have a stash of old Sweethearts to spare from last year?

These classic sweetheart candies have been around since 1866 are a hallmark of Valentines Day, when the New England Confectionary Company (Necco) first debuted them.

The hearts have always been a smashing success. Being the most popular candy in America on Valentines day it’s hard to picture the holiday without at least a few of these hearts scattered around!

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day alone, over 8 billion candy hearts are sold, according to That’s 13 million pounds of candy.

Of course most of those hearts go to children who receive several packets of conversation hearts from your classmates at school. Some people use the hearts as a romantic gesture.

With phrases like “Kiss Me” and “Be Mine” on the hearts or more recent ones have been added to reflect the modern times, like “Text Me.”

Necco became the oldest operating candy company in the country. Until the company suddenly announced that it was closing down in July 2018.

Spangler Candy Company came to the rescue and took over Necco saving the day.

Spangler, are best known for the Dum Dums and Circus Peanuts, took over Necco in September. Therefore they didn’t have sufficient time to prepare enough hearts in time for Valentine’s Day.

Just to give an example when Necco was operating, it took 11 months to produce the 8 billion hearts required for Valentine’s Day.

So brace yourselves for NO SWEETHEARTS this year.

Spangler’s CEO did announce that the hearts will return to the shelves in time for 2020. If you happen to come across some leftover boxes from last year for sale, you could invest if you’re not concerned about the sell by date.

Otherwise, you might just have to resort to showing your affection with chocolate, after you can’t go wrong there.

Another option would be knockoff conversation heart candies, like the Sour Patch Kids version. Those hearts have modern sayings like “Bae” and “Bruh.”

Another company called Brach’s also makes candy hearts which are quite similar to Sweethearts. We know it’s not the same as that classic, original Necco candy.

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