Calm any baby instantly by using this simple technique approved by doctors

You probably didn’t realise reflexology is an ancient art of pain relieving, by applying pressure on certain points related to the body.

Reflexology can be of great help if you have little children, especially little babies, as they are still adjusting to being in their new world.

We reveal six ways you can use reflexology to soothe the pain of your child.

First relax the baby and boost blood flow with a foot rub or a warm bath.

Here is how to calm them down.

1. Stomach area Pain (Upper and Lower)

If your child shows signs of heartburn or constipation, massage the region between the center of the foot and the stack of your feet. In case they are experiencing gas and bloating in the lower intestine, try to massage your child between the center of the feet and the heel.

2. Stomach Pain (solar plexus)

Try rubbing the focal point on your foot and go towards the start of the curve so you can reach the so called, Solar Plexus where nerves and the lungs are settled. This will help with gastric inconveniences, spasms, and other issues.

3. Head and Teeth Ache

Simply rub your child’s tips on the toes.

4. Chest

If your kid is experiencing chest block, just tenderly press and rub the stack of his/her feet.

5. Pelvis

Massage your child’s heels in order to reduce the symptoms of the sudden development of certain organs in its tiny body.

6.Sinus Pain

To prevent this all you have to do is rub the inside of your child’s toes.

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