Boy Notices Police K-9 On TV Without Protective Vest, And Does This To Save Them From Bullets

9 year old Brady Snakovsky is in third grade. He’s from Strongsville, Ohio. And he’s already the founder of his own organization.

Brady has always dreamed of growing up to become a police officer. He doesn’t only want to help keep his community members safe, but he wants to keep the officers safe, too and by officers, he means the K-9 units.

Brady was watching Live PD on TV one day when he saw a police dog pop up on the screen he wasn’t wearing a bulletproof protective vest. Many K-9 units are self-funded, and since these vests can cost upward of $1,200, majority of K-9 units do not have the means to provide vests for the dogs, who also face dangerous and life-threatening situations alongside their human counterparts.

That one moment on television gave Brady’s big idea. In 2018, he established Brady’s K9 Fund, a nonprofit that has raised thousands of dollars to purchase and donate protective vests for K-9s across the country.

Brady has donated 79 vests since, including five for each of the K-9s from the Ohio State Highway Patrol. It wasn’t long before the requests for more vests started pouring in — and Brady’s amazing efforts paid off more than anyone could have imagined.

Take a look at the video below for more details on the story:

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