Angered Mom Says Teen With Tourette’s Syndrome Was Kicked Out Of ‘Avengers’ Because Of Her Tics

When Emily returned from school, her parents had a massive surprise. They were going to bring her to the opening night of Avengers: Endgame.

Like majority of teens in the US, the 15-year-old from Oklahoma is completely obsessed with the Marvel movies and was excited to see how the saga would end.

Emily has Tourette’s syndrome and exhibits a variety of vocal tics, like squawks and grunts. The tics can come on all of a sudden , however she’s sometimes able to control or temper them.

The movie theater states it does not permit disruptive noises during movies. Emily made sure to try and let her tics out before the previews began.

Just before the movie even started, a manager approached Emily’s mom, Tina, and asked her to come out into the hallway.

The manager claimed at least nine people had been complaining about Emily’s loud noises.

Tina assured the manager that Emily would be quiet as soon as the movie started and was trying her best to suppress the sounds.

The family says the staff still suggested it would be best if they left the movie altogether, but Tina refused in defense of her daughter.

The unwanted and negative attention only made Emily even more anxious, which made her tics more frequent and intense…

Watch the video below for more details:

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