A woman and her family are sitting in a nice, upscale restaurant.

Everyone’s looking at their menus, when the waiter comes by to get their drink orders. Each orders their drinks, and as the waiter is walking away, the woman notices a spoon in his chest pocket.

Hm… That’s strange She thinks to herself.

She looks around, and notices other waiters and waitresses with spoons in their chest pockets. Curious, she decides when their waiter comes back by, she’ll just ask what that’s about.

A few minutes later, he comes back with their drinks. He proceeds to take their appetizer and main dish orders. As he’s about to leave, the women motions for him.

“Yes m’am?” he asks, leaning forward.

She asks, “I noticed that every single member of the waitstaff have a spoon in their pockets…” She pointed to his. “What’s with the spoon?”

He smiles, and explains that their restaurant had ran through several studies to ensure that the waitstaff is the most efficient they can be, saving the customers and restuarant time and money. One of the topics dealt with dropped silverwear. The most commonly dropped piece is the spoon, since it is placed right next to the knife, and usually used last, it tends to get knocked off the table most often. With that, it saves time and money for the waitstaff to have the spoon ready in-hand to hand to the customer.

She smiles and thanks him for the explanation, and just as she was reaching for her knife to butter her dinner roll, she just so happened to knock the spoon off the table. Without missing a beat, the waiter hands her the spoon from his pocket with a smile. She thanks him, smiling again.

As he walks away, however, she notices something new. There was a string hanging from the waiter’s fly!

How odd… She began looking around again, curiously.

She noticed all the male waitstaff had a string hanging from their pant flys as well.

She decides it may be another strange way to save money, but will ask later.

After dinner, everyone is served apple pie al la mode, and is just finishing up, when the waiter comes back by. The woman calls him over again. She asks about the string, pointing somewhat discreetly to it.

He laughs, and begins explaining that another part of the study dealt with cleanliness, and saving time and money at the same time. He explained that when the men go to the bathroom, in order to save time and money from washing their hands, they could just unzip their flys and pull on the string, which would pull their penis out and allow them to urinate, all without laying a finger or palm on their privates.

She blushed, laughing. “How odd, but it must be true! You all have been so quick to serve and everything!” The waiter smiled, laughing. Then he noticed a perplexed look on her face.

She stared for a second, thinking. “Wait, so, if you pull it out using the string, how do you… y’know… get it back in?”

The waiter looked around the room, and leaned in to the table.

“Personally, I use the spoon.”

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