6-Year-Old Girl Helps Save Neighbor’s Dog After She Spots These Two Coyotes

A 6-year-old girl from Granada Hills girl has turned out to be a dog’s best friend when she rushed to save a neighbor’s small Bichon Frise from a coyote attack.

Alina Funk woke up one morning to hear, Fluffy, her neighbour’s dog, crying outside. As she looked out the window to see what was happening, she saw the little bichon frise being attacked by two coyotes.

Alina rushed to get her mother and stepfather. When she told them what was going on, they quickly went out to rescue the small dog.

All I saw is like the coyote’s nose and then I saw the little doggie. That’s all I saw, mostly,” Alina said.

They took Fluffy inside, where Alina made sure to care for her. “She nurtured her, and just kind of made her feel comfortable around the house,” Alina’s mother, Claudia Funk, explained.

Fluffy had three bites from the coyote attack. Luckily, she will be ok. She was returned to her family on the same day. They were hugely grateful for Alina’s quick thinking and her parents’ actions.

People in the neighborhood had reported an increase in coyote sightings. Coyotes are known to attack smaller animals, so residents have been warned to keep their small cats and dogs indoors for their safety.

Aside from physical attacks, coyotes can also spread diseases that can be deadly, to smaller indoor-outdoor animals.

Take a look at the video below for more details on this story:

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