5 Simple Ways To Reduce Arm Fat At Home

Arm fat doesn’t look very attractive and it is an effect of overeating, health problems, or even losing weight on other body areas and not on the arm area which makes them look saggy.

In the winter they don’t seem to bother you too much as they get covered, but in the summer, when it is hot outside and you have to wear short sleeved shirts and dresses, they are definitely unaesthetic.

 To get rid of those flabby arms, we first need to understand what causes it.

If you want to make arm fat disappear you have to start by adopting some healthy habits, eating the right food and exercising!

We will tell you 5 exercises you can start doing to reduce it and the good news is that you can also do them at home or office (don’t tell your boss!).

5 ways you can reduce arm fat:

1. Skipping –

Skipping helps not only to reduce arm fat but helps to reduce all your body fat.

Buy a skipping cord and start exercising as your arm muscles will start doing a lot of work and the circular motions are also very beneficial for this.

2. Stretching –

Stretching tones the muscles on the arm area and brings them into the right shape. The good news about the stretching is that you can do it even when you are at the office.

Start stretching more!

3. Wrist Rotating –

Wrist Rotating works the best when you hold some weights in your arms. Be careful, you don’t need very heavy weights, your arm muscles need just a little challenge.

You can hold the weights in your hands and extend them forward by keeping them firm. In the same time you want to rotate your wrist inward and upward as far as possible.

4. Lift the Body Up –

You can do this outside or inside, it depends where you have a sturdy to hold to because you will want to lift your body weight up.

This will strengthen the muscles a lot especially, when you are in the hold position, the more you can stay in it the better.

5. Triceps With One Arm –

You can do this on the floor on a mat or even on a rug. Take one hand and put it to your back and with the other hand you will want to start making pushups.

The principle is similar to the previous one, just you will not work both arms in the same time, you will work them one by one.

No matter what exercises you decide to start making, besides the aesthetic part they will have big health benefits too as doing sports improves your blood circulation and body functions!

See also the video below to find the correct procedure!

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