3 “girls” play fiddle on camera, but their dance moves made them an Internet sensation

Hillary Klug is one that will prove this how tap dancing and fiddle playing are two things you might not think go together. This fiddle playing woman also tap dances to be exact. This along with her fiddle playing is what has made her an internet sensation with millions of views, shares, and comments.

Read Klug’s story about how her special skill set has brought her the adoration of fans around the world.

Klug who was born in Fayetteville, Tennessee, has been practicing dance and music since she was a child, joining a clogging team when she was only eight-years-old. She began her lifelong association with the fiddle when she was 13.

Her ultimate dream though, believe it or not, is to play at the Grand Ole Opry, the Mecca of country music performance, located in Nashville, TN. More recently she has combined the two to create an entertaining act enjoyed by her audience, both online and in person. It was while performing on the streets of Nashville that Klug put two and two together.

A professional street performer, Klug earned her stripes on the streets of Nashville where she played the fiddle to go along with her dancing. In addition to earning a Bachelor’s degree in English from Middle Tennessee State University, Klug taught buckdancing for seven years, and won the Kentucky State Dance Championship and the National Buckdancing Championship in 2013.

Klug has performed across Europe to sold out crowds. In fact, her particular talents, while keeping her busy, allow her to spend her summers in Europe as opposed to the streets of Nashville in her home state of Tennessee.

Her dedication, hard work, and down-to-Earth attitude has earned her the admiration of fans from around the world.

In addition to her fiddle playing and dance routine, Klug has also written two music books, taken up acting, and has released a music CD entitled “Hillary Klug.” Her acting credentials include an upcoming independent film called “Country Music” set to be released in 2019.

Her busy schedule includes the release of an upcoming record, As well as performances scheduled across Europe. Some of her past European stops include London, England; Cremona, Italy; and Winterthur, Switzerland; among many other stops.

Her main claim to fame has always been her fiddling/dancing videos, allowing her to parlay her many talents into a budding career. Klug often plays and dances to music familiar to her fans, as well as some of her own original songs.

Take a look at one of her more popular videos featuring Klug playing the part of three different dancing fiddlers, each with their own distinct part in the video, as they play and dance to the song “Cotton-Eyed Joe.”

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