10-Year-Old St. Bernard Rescued In Woods After Spending 17 Days Alone In Frigid Minnesota Cold

A 10-year-old Saint Bernard named Old Lady spent most of her life on a puppy mill farm in Wisconsin. Thankfully, because Old Lady was rescued b she was able live out the rest of her days in comfort.

Following a sudden snowfall at the start of the year Old Lady became scared ran away from her foster owner. After the community spent hours looking for her, she was still nowhere to be found. Old Lady’s thick coat of fur had been shaved down recently, which left her even more susceptible to the subzero temperatures.

About 17 days following her disappearance, a man was out walking in the woods of Zimmerman, Minnesota, with his grandson. There they spotted a huge dog standing frozen and helpless among the trees. She wasn’t able to move as he leash had become tangled in the branches.

They called the local sheriff’s office, who in turn contacted Ruff Start Rescue, who had been participating in the search for her. Considering the dog’s old age, the staff in Ruff Start thought there was really no way she could have survived the cold.

The Ruff Start team knew if they didn’t handle the rescue delicately, she would try to escape them. They eventually coaxed her into their vehicle with the help of some tasty tuna fish.

Old Lady had somehow survived out there, all alone, without food or water as she looked malnourished. Otherwise al her vitals seemed fine.

Take a look at Old Lady in the video below:

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